Packaging Design: ibox Packaging Fonts of the Month

Packaging Design: ibox Packaging Fonts of the Month


At ibox Packaging, we love packaging design and all the elements it includes before it becomes retail packaging.   These elements include shape, type of material, graphics, typography, colour, size, etc. In this post we want to specifically talk about typography, and that is why we want to share our picks of five great fonts for packaging design.

Packaging Design Fonts of the Month

We picked these fonts based on projects we have worked on, and designer expertise in packaging and packaging design in different industries.

1. Whiteboard

packaging design fonts

As we mentioned in our latest blog post: Corrugated Trays, summer is here bringing us crops of fresh, delicious fruit. We believe this font would be great for branding and packaging fresh produce. It is a hand-drawn design that reminds us of hand written signs on chalkboards. Our designers believe that using this type of font on a branded corrugated tray, would help give it a “fresh” feel.

You can download the font for free at Creative Market. However, you better hurry because we believe it is only free until the end of the week.

2. Bellaboo

fonts for packaging and branding


Although this font is only available in all caps, we believe it is really cool and hip. It is handmade and we believe it is great for branding and packaging earthy foods and products. The first thing that came to mind when we saw it, was packaging for coffee roasters, or chocolate manufacturers. It is versatile and it also has latin, German, and Swedish characters. To download Bellaboo for free please visit This blog also gives the option of donating $2 to support the artist, which we encourage people to do.

3. Manifesto

packaging design fonts

This fun and playful font comes in all caps, and with numbers and punctuation. Our first thoughts when we saw it, was the outdoors. The sharpness of the characters “M, N, V, W,” reminded us of mountain peaks. However, the roundness of and disproportioned shapes of other characters brought memories of fun at the beach. Again, very versatile, but this font would look great in the branding and packaging design of outdoor apparel, or equipment. To download for free, please visit Behance.

4.  Dense

fonts for packaging and packaging design


This is a very cool sans serif font. It is elegant, modern, symmetrical and clear.  This font is great for companies looking for minimalist branding and  retail packaging design. It says that it comes on thin, regular and bold, but right now only the regular wight is available for download. It is dedigned by Canadian artist Charles Daoud and it is available for download here.

5. Klinic

klinic font for packaging design and retail packaging


Not to be obvious here, but the fist thing that came to mind when we saw this font was the health and wellness industry. There is a great trend for healthy food products, and we believe this font would be a great option for designing its retail packaging. It has a fresh and clean look to it. It is a serif font that comes in 4 weights (and italics), and it has both personality and functionality. It is free to download,but again it is encourage to donate to the artist. Click here to download.

All these fonts are great options for retail packaging design, and are our picks for July. Stay tuned next month for other font picks. For more information, or questions about packaging design or retail packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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