Packaging Design in a Post-Pandemic World

Packaging Design in a Post-Pandemic World


To say that the impact of Covid-19 on global industry has been minute would be the understatement of the decade. Covid-19 has disrupted nearly every part of life as we know it; we are pressing pause on almost all things social, and more than ever, we are shopping online.

Packaging has always played a vital role in the way customers receive the goods that they purchase. Now, with the dramatic rise of eCommerce, packaging has become more important than ever. 

We are breaking down consumer needs in a post-pandemic world and how this impacts packaging design: 

  1. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Covid-19 has created feelings of hyper-vigilance around cleanliness and hygiene. Public health officials have been clear on the risk of transmission through surface contact. More warehouses are opting to disinfect packaging prior to shipping. Furthermore, consumers are disinfecting packages when they receive them. With companies opting for recyclable (and easy to clean) plastics, corrugated cardboard can still be disinfected. Many companies are taking to social media to say what steps they are taking to make their packaging cleaner and safer. While it hasn’t been a documented trend to advertise these steps on the packaging itself, you can take to your website, Instagram and Twitter to show your customers that you are taking cleanliness seriously. 

  1. Think Contactless

Options for contactless delivery have become commonplace when ordering goods online. Traditionally, packaging has been designed to stand out on a grocery store shelf, now, it’s imperative to consider how contactless delivery impacts it’s design. As more packages are being left on doorsteps, think about the presentation of the delivery box itself. Options for this could include custom boxes and mailers with your brand clearly visible. 

  1. Designing for eCommerce

If you are selling products through stockists, think about how they would be displayed across a variety of eCommerce platforms. Just like in traditional retails, packaging for eCommerce should still feature a prominent brand story so that consumers know who you are. Attention-grabbing bold colours or graphics can help you stand out against a white background. 

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Kirsten Crisostomo is a freelance copy and content writer based in Vancouver, BC.

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