Packaging Design – Is It Time For A Change?

Packaging Design – Is It Time For A Change?


There are great packaging designs that have helped companies in business by boosting sales and creating loyalty with their consumers for a long period of time. However, longevity could be a double edge sword if it is not managed accordingly. For companies that have had the same iconic packaging, it could be recognized as iconic, or others could start thinking of it as outdated. In this post we will discuss ways in which you will be able to tell whether it is time for a packaging design change, or a packaging update.

When to Consider Packaging Design Change

It is good practice in business to always monitor all aspects of your operations. Similarly with packaging, once you have chosen the perfect design to package your product in, it important to revise how it is affecting the performance of your sales. Remember that your retail packaging is what catches the eye of the consumer while your product is in the store’s shelf. So paying close attention to its performance is imperative. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re product is having a slow decrease in sales, it is a good idea to assess your packaging performance.

Always think about your consumer. Evaluate your target market. Are they the same individuals that were buying your product 5 years ago? Is it a different generation of people that buy your product now? How is technology affecting their purchase behaviour and preference? These are only a very few questions to be asked when examining how the packaging is affecting your target audience. Different generations react differently to packaging designs. Some are used a certain brand or colour, and they feel comfortable only trying that one option. Others are open to change and actively look for different options when purchasing. Pay attention to your consumer. There is a lot of information out there that could help you determine what is it that sparks interest in your target market. Whether it is a certain colour, font, amount of elements in the design, or perhaps the materials, could be aspects that may influence someone to choose a product based on how it appeals to them in the shelf. Here is a good article that touches base on what your consumer think of your packaging

Nowadays people have a lot of information available to them and are becoming educated on wastage and pollution. Having a sustainable packaging strategy could be a change that can be implemented to your packaging design without necessarily changing the visual elements that have proven to be successful in the past.

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