Packaging Design Tips for Spring 2019

Packaging Design Tips for Spring 2019


Understanding and keeping up with design trends is very important when it comes to packaging design. It’s often tempting to become attached to a design style or a timeless design concept that has worked for many years. But it’s important to recognize the competitive landscape. Retail packaging designers are constantly looking for new ways to spark customer interest. And one way to spark customer interest is by looking at styles and motifs that are trending and that are being adopted by larger and more influential companies. Of course it’s important to stand out and put your own twist on any design but it’s also important to give the customer something familiar, something they have seen but perhaps from a different perspective. Below, we talk about some design trends, perfect for this spring, that can help feel familiar to customers.

A Fresh Color for Packaging Design

One of the most striking design trends in the last few months has been the use of a pink coral color. The color seems to be warm and inviting. The color has deep psychology behind it. It wasn’t just randomly picked as the newest and hottest color to be used in various applications. The inviting nature of this color is perfect for retail packaging. Any new custom box design or floor display could significantly benefit from this color pattern as it helps to draw the customer in. This color is significant and familiar because Apple used it for their iPhone XR. AirBnB has also made use of coral pink for their logo. Having these companies throw their weight behind these colors means that part of the work is already done for you. This can provide you with enough confidence to incorporate this color into your next counter display, or retail packaging design idea.

Unique and Custom Design Trends

Simplicity and minimalism are packaging design trends that have been around for a while and are constantly touted around the internet. But we can extend these concepts further. One way to get noticed for unique design is by using a simple and minimalist design strategy combined with a few variations of that design. This entails keeping the look and feel of the design consistent but changing around various elements to keep the design fresh. For example, if your you’ve designed a custom box for a food based product you may want to keep the logo and and font design consistent but you may want to use a few different design variations by using different images for the different variations. The goal is to keep the branding consistent while keeping the design fresh and unique.

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