Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2021


It would be naive to say that 2020 has left the consumer landscape unchanged. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed almost all aspects of everyday life. From the way we interact with one another, go to the grocery store, exercise, and shop, the pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new normal. 

Not surprisingly, packaging design trends will be seeing a shift to adapt to consumer behaviour. See a shortlist below of what we think the biggest trends will be moving into 2021. 

  1. Emphasis on Quality 

If there’s one thing that was certain at the beginning of pandemic, it was that consumers felt the threat of scarcity in a society which emphasizes abundance. As a result, a sentiment existed to purchase higher quality, longer lasting items to avoid the excruciating wait of repurchasing. Once way to convey the message of quality is to be clear on what makes your product stand out from others. Organizing this information in a hierarchical manner based on its level of importance. Place an emphasis on what makes your product last and is therefore worthy of investment. 

  1. It’s All About Balance 

With all of the uncertainty and unrest arising from the events of 2020, there is a definite need for balance. Aesthetic balance meant to invoke calm can be found in the way a design is laid out on a package. In this case we are talking about symmetry. The Dieline had forecasted the rise of patterns in packaging design for 2020, and we believe that this will be an enduring trend. The predictability of pattern has a soothing, calming effect which we can count on to carry us through to next year. 

  1. Think Calming Colours 

Soft tones and neutrals have dominated the packaging design landscape over the past year and we don’t think it’s going anywhere. Consumers can expect to continue to see pastel pinks, baby blues, roses, tans, and taupes. 

  1. A Return To The Serif Font 

While minimalism trends have stormed the packaging scene with its heavy emphasis on sans serif fonts, serif fonts have seen a big uptick over the last year. Serif fonts are one of the oldest typefaces. Serif fonts are classic, predictable, and designers have come to embrace their subtle beauty. Check out our post on our top font picks for some serious design inspo

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