Packaging for Your eCommerce Business

Packaging for Your eCommerce Business


Packaging for your eCommerce business could be as simple as a plain shipping box and maybe some bubble wrap… But why be average when you could blow your consumers out of the water. Possibly so much that they brag to their friends who then start shopping on your site! At ibox Packaging we can provide you with simple solutions that are cost effective, and we can also show you how to blow your customers minds with beautiful packaging.

Cost Effective Packaging Solutions for eCommerce

If your budget for packaging is on the lower side you still have plenty of great options — not to worry. Standard shipping boxes or stock die cut mailer boxes with a one or two colour logos are extremely affordable. The printing we use for this style of box is flexographic. Flexographic is used with 1 or 2 colours and can print simple illustrations and logos with fairly decent quality. It is mostly used for shipping boxes. Why flexographic printing? It is extremely affordable. At ibox we only charge for the print plate (one time cost) and we cover the rest.

You may be thinking: “how is this special?” or “how is this going to wow my customers?” Simple, it’s not entirely about the external packaging… its about the details you put inside the box.

  1. Create a personalized note. Not a simple “Hi Jane, Thank you for your order.” We mean write out a nice note such as, “Hi Jane, We really hope you enjoy this beautiful hand knit scarf. We really appreciate your business — thank you! If you have any questions or would like styling advice from one of personal store stylists please don’t hesitate to contact myself or anyone else at the store. Yours Truly, John Smith.” By creating a personalized note you are reaching out and building a rapport with your customers and creating a higher chance of repeat business.
  2. Wrap your products in branded, textured, or illustrated tissue paper.
  3. If you have brochures, catalogs or look books place them in the box. If they’ve ordered something that can be paired with accessories, place a sticky note on those products with another personalized note.

Blowing your Customers Minds with Beautiful Packaging

In order to design the packaging effectively, you have to think about the customers experience when they receive the package; Is it easy to open? Is the package designed in a way that represents your brand and is appealing to the eye? Using interesting and custom graphic elements on your package can give your overall branding staying power. Using high gloss inks, embossing, debossing and using special coatings can also give your package that extra little pop.

By implementing these tips above and using a thoughtful, consumer focussed designed package, you can ensure that your brand will have a lasting and impactful effect on your customers.

Are you interested in boosting your eCommerce packaging strategy? Contact ibox Packaging today to discuss your options!

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