Packaging Resources to Stay Up-To-Date With The Industry

Packaging Resources to Stay Up-To-Date With The Industry


In the past we have written different posts on packaging resources. We have written about different websites that are great reference for designing retail packaging, and websites that show award winning packaging ideas. Usually we mention websites that compile excellent retail packaging designs, websites that offer fonts for sale, or for free, and colour guides to help you brand your product. As we all know, in order to become leaders in the industry, one must always keep up to date with the latest news, trends and technology. In this post we will discuss three websites that will guarantee you to always be informed about the latest news and trends related to paper based/ cardboard packaging.

Canadian Packaging Resources (

This website in particular focuses on packaging news revolving the industry in Canada. Canadian Packaging is a magazine that writes constant articles that inform its readers about the latest updates in packaging. They have a great post where they inform their readers about the events around the country and the world. They also summarize some of these expo shows giving highlight of the events. This is a great way to get specific notes on an event that you might’ve missed. Canadian Packaging also have experts that write op-eds about their professional opinions on certain topics.

Global Packaging Resources (

Packaging world is a very elaborate website/magazine that gives information about expo shows, design, machinery, videos, case studies, playbooks, and galleries. According to the website, they write: Packaging World is the best read publication for professionals who use, recommend and purchase packaging equipment and materials. They are a very complete resource for people interested in the packaging industry.

Packaging Digest has been around for over 50 years giving its reader information about packaging, shipping and manufacturing. They divide their posts with information in the following industries: food and beverage, pharmaceutical & medical device, design and concepts, machinery and automation and health and beauty aids.

Finally, all these three websites will maintain you informed of the latest news in packaging. This type of information will give you a competitive edge against your competitor if the do not monitor the industry. Packaging resources will give you information, but it could also serve as inspiration if you need retail design ideas for your next packaging project. For more information, or questions about retail packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.



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