Packaging Terminology – Corrugated Boxes and Displays

Packaging Terminology – Corrugated Boxes and Displays


In the packaging industry, just like in any other industry, we use terminology that is not relevant to everyone. With too many acronyms and jargon, knowing how to order the right product could get confusing for a person that doesn’t work in packaging, but uses it. This blog post is not intended to get too in depth with all the terminology we use, but to help distinguish products and materials when purchasing corrugated cardboard boxes.


Take the word corrugated for example. Sure, people have heard the term, but not everyone knows what it means. As we explained in a previous blog post about corrugated, it is a material that is widely used in the manufacturing of boxes, and shipping containers. A lot of our products are made with corrugated cardboard. In fact, most of our boxes are made out of corrugated cardboard. People also use the words corrugated boxes to describe some boxes.

corrugated cardboard boxes

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Stock Boxes and Custom Boxes

Other terms related to packaging and boxes that might be confusing to people is stock and custom. Stock boxes are boxes that we carry in-house and have dimensions that are commonly used in the shipping industry. They are pre-cut and folded so that they are easy to ensamble and use. Custom corrugated boxes are boxes that we design and cut to unique specifications according to the customer’s needs.

RSC Boxes

One of the most versatile products we carry are RSC boxes. To a person that does not work in packaging, RSC (regular slotted carton) might not mean anything. What people don’t know is that these boxes are also known as shipping boxes, moving boxes and stock boxes and are one of the most commonly used corrugated boxes. Here is a post we wrote in past explaining RSC boxes.

rsc boxes, shipping boxes, moving boxes

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POP Displays

Moving away from boxes, and into displays, POP is another acronym used in the packaging and marketing industry. POP stands for Point-Of-Purchase and are the displays that are strategically placed in supermarkets to get consumers to purchase a specific product. We have talked about POP displays in a previous post explaining what it means and its benefits. When we refer to POP at ibox Packaging, we specifically talk about floor displays and counter displays. As their name suggest, these displays are meant to present products away from the shelf and in direct view of the consumer; either in a counter or placed on a store’s floor.

POP displays, floor displays, counter displays

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To conclude, the packaging industry uses a very large number of terms that means nothing to people outside the industry. This blog post’s purpose was to explain and help consumers understand some of the most common terms, which is why we picked the terms above. For some people these terms might be obvious, but we thought we explain the terms we get questions about. Hopefully, this would help consumers with search queries online, or phone inquiries.

If you have any questions about the terms above, or any other terms you have heard regarding packaging, please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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