Packaging Trends and Sustainable Packaging

Packaging Trends and Sustainable Packaging


At ibox Packaging we try to share the most relevant content we find in industry blogs, magazines, and resources pages from around the world through our Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and LinkedIn page. We usually share daily articles or posts regarding packaging design, sustainability, and industry news amongst other things. We have found a lot of information on packaging trends and decided to share some of the ones we have seen and experienced. Most of these trends are related to environmental responsibility.

Importance on Sustainability

One of the biggest demands when talking packaging trends is sustainability. Companies are increasingly putting an emphasis on being environmentally conscious and working with environmentally responsible partners. This is not only due to ethical practices in preserving our planet, but companies have also recognized consumers and how sustainability affects their purchase behaviour.  According to a study conducted by Asia Pulp and Paper Group, they found that consumers would like to see more sustainable packaging when purchasing products, and are willing to pay more for the sustainable alternative. At ibox Packaging all are cardboard is made of recycled materias and it is recyclable. For more information on how ibox Packaging is contributing with sustainable practices please visit our environment page.

Reusable Packaging

Lately, there has been an attraction towards reusable packaging for retail products. The idea of having responsibly sourced packaging is great, but the idea of being able to repurpose packaging is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. In the past, there has been practices regarding reusability of packaging, but these were limited to manufacturers and retailers.


By law, companies in the food and beverage industry selling products in Canada have the obligation of labeling food contents and nutritional facts, in both english and french. This is not a packaging trend but a responsibility. However, with recyclable packaging, it is important to educate consumers on how to properly dispose of the materials. Not all recyclable materials have the same recycle process so therefore they have to be disposed in different ways. We have seen some example of food containers made out of compost materials and on the label it explained clearly that the container is meant to be disposed with other compost.

Other trends we found on articles referred to light weight packaging. This is a trend that makes sense both in an environmentally responsible manner, as well as an economic manner. Having less heavier packaging reduces costs when products are being shipped and it takes less materials to produce it. Another trend worth mentioning is how consumers are increasingly researching packaging companies to see if their materials are grown responsibly. At ibox we are a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and we promote sustainable forest management.

Overall we see that most of these trends are geared towards conserving our planet. What it is evident is that consumers are getting more educated on sustainable practices and are demanding them. It is imperative for companies to watch for these trends and adapt to these demands.

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