Packaging Trends Year-End Review

Packaging Trends Year-End Review


We hope 2016 was a great year for your selves and your businesses. It was a good year in packaging. For us it was a year where we saw some trends come along. Where we saw some cool breakthroughs and saw industry leaders really make a statement. All and all, it was a good year in packaging. In this post we will look back at some of the packaging trends we saw came in strong, We will also note some observations about what we thought were positive points from clients and consumers.

Packaging Trends That Had Impact

As we mention earlier, there was a trend here people where gearing towards using a minimalistic approach to their packaging design. We saw some cool designs come out of here, as well as on the internet. Designs where a specific type of font and a particular colour was what made impactful. These minimalistic design were elegant, and to the point. In some cases, the design was minimalistic with the amount of packaging material it used. We saw some great designs where there was very little packaging, but it was functional as it protected the product from damage, and help sold it in stores.

Another great thing to notice this year was the amount of stakeholders (in our industry) that were conscious about having a sustainable impact with the way we do business. This trend of sustainability is one that we see grow every day, and it will continue to be there as technology allows us to take steps further into being environmentally responsible. It was great to see consumers demanding green practices, and companies answering these demands by utilizing sustainable materials.

Packaging Pride and Commitment

At ibox Packaging, we love what we do. And we feel proud when our clients are having success with the products they purchase from us. Whether it is retail packaging that helps them with their sales, or protective packaging to ensure their shipments reach their destination undamaged, we try to be involved at every stage of the process. We like building relationships with our clients and showing them the best ways they can be successful with their packaging strategies.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to wish each an everyone of you happy holidays, and we hope that 2017 is a prosperous year in business and personally.

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