Pallet Displays: An In-store Advertising Avenue

Pallet Displays: An In-store Advertising Avenue


As we all know, point of purchase displays are a great way to promote and sell your product. Marketers use these displays to spark last minute interest with the intention of achieving an impulse purchase. In the past we have written posts about floor displays, counter displays and ballot boxes. This post will focus on a different type of retail display called cardboard pallet displays.

Pallet Displays Advantages

Pallet displays are a type of floor displays used to showcase large amounts of products in one location. This is a large display that can be designed so that its graphics are viewable from all four angles. The biggest advantage of a cardboard pallet display is the amount of product that it is able to showcase. These displays are great tools used to separate your product from the competitors by having its own space on the floor.To maximize the success of your display try to negotiate your placement so that the display is positioned in a high traffic area.

Another advantage of this particular type of display, is that you can attract the consumer’s attention because of its size, and design capability. Any design can be printed on to the display which helps grab the attention of the customer. In a way it is an in-store advertising avenue. They are also great to display different products in your product line. For example, if you sell chocolate bars, you will be able to display different flavours or kinds of chocolate. You can advertise all of your products in one display.

Always remember that this is a promoting tool, so always aim to keep it interesting to your consumer. Take full advantage of its design capabilities and make a design that is attractive to your audience. For more information, or questions about retail displays, such as pallet displays, floor displays or counter displays please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.


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