Point of Purchase Displays – An Effective Retail Marketing Tactic

Point of Purchase Displays – An Effective Retail Marketing Tactic


Point of Purchase displays (POP displays) are a great advertising avenue for your product. They are a very effective retail marketing tool that is proven to boost sales. We have written posts about the effectiveness of POP displays, proper placement for them, and their benefits and advantages. In this post we will continue to strengthen our points on the importance of having a retail marketing strategy, and the use of cardboard retail displays.

Why Use Point of Purchase Displays?

A large amount of people make decisions while being in the store. Not everyone writes a shopping list and follow it when shopping. There is a variety of people that have a mental list and can be persuaded to make decisions when they see a product. POP displays are a great way to spark impulse buy, by presenting the product effectively at the decision making stage.

Point of purchase displays are made out of cardboard, which allows them to be a cost effective way to advertise a product. In addition of being an affordable option, they are also customizable. Customize your POP display to showcase your brand, and the product’s benefits. Custom retail displays will catch the consumer eye while persuading them to gain interest in a product. Furthermore, our cardboard is made out of recycled materials, and it is recyclable. Consequently, these displays become a sustainable marketing tactic.

How POP Displays Persuade Consumers

Consumers get bombarded with thousands of marketing messages through different marketing channels on a daily basis. In addition to traditional marketing, digital marketing are being deployed to hit consumers based on their interests. Retail displays have the ability of sending messages at the decision making stage. It takes about 3 seconds for a consumer to make a decision in a store. As a result, having these displays placed strategically in a retail store is imperative to the success of this tactic. This will give you a competitive advantage by isolating your product from an already saturated environment with hundreds of products being offered at the same time.

Consider point of purchase displays in your retail marketing strategy and enjoy the benefits of them. Remember that these displays are get for presenting seasonal products, new products, or products that are being discounted. Plan your strategy with a packaging expert to ensure effectiveness.

At ibox Packaging we have a team that will help you with any retail display questions. We offer POP displays such as pallet displays, floor displays or counter displays. Please contact us with any inquiries. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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