Point of Purchase Display Marketing

Point of Purchase Display Marketing


Point of Purchase (POP displays) are used in retail shopping to draw a consumer into your product, making it more attractive than it’s competitors and thus driving a sale. The obvious goal is to generate a sale at the point of purchase (inside a store).

POP Displays take a variety of forms. The most commonly used displays by manufacturers are counter displays and floor displays. Retailers will also use promotional signs, and shelf stickers as incentives to encourage purchase. Subsequently, these displays aid to boost brand awareness, separate your product from your competitors; overall they have the ability to be a powerful marketing tool and not only encourage in-store sales, but can also make your brand memorable enough supplement an eCommerce strategy.

Most POP displays are meant to be temporary; floor and counter displays are made from corrugated cardboard. They are located near check-out counters or other places where a consumer may be making a purchasing decision. POP displays can also be used as an in-store promotion. Think ballot boxes for business card draws, or prize draws to get your brand out there.

POP displays have also been taking the lead in terms of in-store retail marketing as more retail staff are being replaced by automated check-out counters. Manufacturers are using retail displays to sell their products for them in the place of retail sales staff.  

Do’s and Don’ts

DO ensure that your brand is visible and is easily recognizable on your POP display. Make sure that your display fits within your overall branding strategy – remember the main point of the display is not only the end sale, but overall brand recognition.

DON’T use your display to point the consumer to your website, or tell them to check online! The point of the display is to secure a sale in store, while your display may aid your eCommerce strategy, it should not be the focus.

DO customize, customize, customize! Make sure that your display stands out, customize your display to not only reflect your overall branding strategy, but make it look attractive and exciting! Remember, this display is likely to be temporary so pull out all the stops!

DON’T treat your packaging and displays as separate entities. Displays should be thoughtfully designed to compliment your packaging and vice versa.

DO invest in POP marketing. Approximately 70% of all retail sales are made once the consumer is inside the store, thus emphasizing the importance of an effective in-store marketing strategy.


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