The Power of Incorporating Social Media into your Packaging

The Power of Incorporating Social Media into your Packaging


Have you ever considered the power of incorporating social media into your packaging? In this post, we explain why incorporating social media into your packaging is important, and give ideas on how you can do this with your next packaging project.

Social media has become the first choice of communication between friends, family and colleagues. When your packaging is unique and interesting, there is a good chance that consumers will snap a photo and share it with friends on one of their social media feeds.

Is your target demographic between the ages of 18 – 25? A study suggests that consumers between 18 – 25 are 74% more likely to share a photo of your packaging when ordered online. If your product isn’t that specific, not to worry, the numbers are still in your favour. Another study suggests that 40% of consumers will take a photo and share your packaging if it is ‘interesting or gift like’. Why is this so important? It is free marketing driven by the consumer! Consumers are more likely to purchase products when recommended by a friend, family member or colleague.


(an example of Coca Cola using hashtags on their packaging to create engagement with their brand)

Now lets go one step further! Does your company use social media? (If no, please go set up a Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram feed NOW.)

When designing your packaging:

  • Add your social media icons and handles to the packaging.
  • Start a hashtag that your consumers can use when sharing your product. (ie. #xyzorganictreats)
  • Start growing the hashtag feeds through your network: Have a few friends share your product using your new hashtag.
  • Monitor the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and write thank you comments. Social media is about engaging; ask them how they liked your product. Start the conversation!

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line or comment below and we will be glad to help you out!


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Isaac » 14 Mar 2018 » Reply

On a legal plan, is it possible to sell physical goods that have social networks icons printed on them ?

    Jordan Petryk » 9 Apr 2018 » Reply

    We haven’t run into any legal issues with printing social media icons on boxes. I you can give us more insight into the product and packaging we would be happy to look deeper into it.

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