Preventing Shoplifting Through Packaging

Preventing Shoplifting Through Packaging


Preventing shoplifting through your packaging is something to consider as shoplifting is a common problem for almost all retailers. Many retailers have loss prevention strategies in place such as camera’s, locked cabinets, security tags and ink tags; but as a manufacturer or distributer there are few ways to ensure your products are less likely to be stolen through packaging design techniques.


  1. For Small Items Use Larger Packaging.

Shoplifters are generally going to steal what is easiest to stuff in their pocket. If you have an product that will fit easily into your coat or pant pocket, double the size of your packaging. You can do this by simply creating a larger box with an internal tray to secure your product. Although this can seem like a waste of packaging it has been proven to discourage shoplifters. If your product is commonly placed on display rack hangers, you can create a longer back board to your packaging.


  1. Use Cardboard Placeholders

When your product is expensive or an item that is commonly stolen (ie. electronics, makeup), using a cardboard placeholder can prevent theft. Cardboard placeholders can be a simple die cut card with your products branding printed on the card. The card can be exchange at the checkout for the product at the time of purchase.


Another option for cardboard placeholders is the actual packaging. When ordering your retail packaging, order 10% more than you need for your products and provide your retailers with these extra boxes. We suggest printing stickers for your placeholders boxes stating that the box is for display only. Also provide information where they can pick up the product.


  1. Have the Packaging Designed in a Way that is Hard for Thieves to Open

If your packaging is extremely simple to open there is a good chance it is also really easy to steal. Our design team can develop packaging that is harder to open without destroying the packaging. Adding labels that cover openings will also help.


The key is to find a technique that works best for your product without affecting your overall brand. Having a packaging based theft prevention strategy will not only help your products from being stolen, but will also make your product more attractive to retailers. Contact ibox today to discuss packaging options that will discourage shoplifters.

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