Product Packaging: An Effective Sales Boost Tool

Product Packaging: An Effective Sales Boost Tool


Have you ever been excited about a product just by looking at its packaging? When you see the colour variation, the different materials and the various designs, there is a feeling of excitement and intrigue that sparks up. As we mentioned in other posts, product packaging, or retail packaging, works as an avenue to promote your brand, resulting in an increase in sales. People that recognize a brand, trust it, and therefore are inclined to purchase it more than once. A good example is Amazon. Even though the company is not  selling a product of its own, its packaging is recognizable and creates trust for people who like to purchase online.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips to increase sales with product packaging.

Product Packaging, Brand Loyalty and Retention

Designing retail packaging is a process that requires extensive planning. Effective product packaging should be easy to open, attractive to your target audience, and should be memorable. If customers see your packaging they should immediately associate it with your brand. Again, a customer that trusts a brand, will more likely purchase it repeatedly. Your brand identity should be showcased in your packaging. By doing so, your audience knows exactly what to expect, from the outer cardboard box they are looking at in shelves, or when they receive a parcel in the mail.


Promote Your Brand

Once someone has already purchased your product, they are embracing your brand. A good way to encourage repeat sales is to remind your audience of your different product lines by showing that you care about them. A good way to do this is through promotional inserts. Because they have already purchased your product, it doesn’t hurt to try to encourage your customer to purchase from you again. Try giving them incentives, such as discounts in their next purchase, or discounts in complementary products to the one already purchased. Now, what does this have to do with packaging? Remember, product packaging is not only the outer layer of the box, but instead, the whole experience before getting to the actual product. There is something special about opening the box, unwrapping a certain product, and receiving a note thanking you for your purchase.

Effective Product Packaging

In order for packaging to be effective it has to be attractive to your audience. Studies show that bright colours tend to attract consumers. Your graphics and literature should also be original and enticing to your audience. A key element in packaging design is consistency. If the consumer recognizes your brand, it is imperative to keep a level of consistency throughout your whole product line’s packaging. The last thing you want to do is confuse your consumer on which company they are buying from.

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