Product Packaging And Colours That Help Attract Consumers

Product Packaging And Colours That Help Attract Consumers


According to many psychological studies, colours tend to bring emotions in people. We interpret and associate different colours in different ways. A good obvious example is the colour red. It is commonly associated with passion, romance, love. However, in other context the same colour is associated with danger, power, determination, warnings, etc. The human brain is very powerful, and marketers that master the use of colour have an advantage in persuading consumers to react to the feelings certain colours spark. In this post we will talk about colours that work well in product packaging and the importance of research when choosing colours.

Your Branding and Your Product Packaging

If you are designing your retail packaging, you should consider asking yourself a number of questions. Question whether your branding coincides with the usability of the product. In many cases your colour branding is representative of the products you sell. In which case using similar tones of colour as your branding will make sense to package your product. This is not a guess or easy pick. A lot of research and planning should go into branding in order to determine whether your colour choice is representative of your company and company values.

Associating Colour And Feelings

In other cases, people have different business units within a company and the product packaging colour is chosen based on the product itself. In this case studying the meanings of colour might be a good idea to choose the right hue. A few good examples of colour for packaging are:

White: associated with serenity and cleanliness. A good colour to represent hygiene products and beauty care.

Green: usually a colour associated with environmental responsibility. The use of this colour and the raw colour of corrugated cardboard are a strong combination to reflect eco-friendliness. It symbolizes nature and fertility.

Yellow: a colour that can reflect happiness, or energy. It attracts attention and it stimulates muscle activity. A strong oprtion when used with strong design.

Furthermore, it is important to know your market. In many cultures colours represent different meanings. Ensure that you are always catering to your audience and chose the right colour that will please them. These practices and right colours will help build a level of comfort and trust.

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