Product Packaging –  A Key Element In Selling a Product

Product Packaging – A Key Element In Selling a Product


When we sell a product we truly believe in, we know it should sell itself because of the benefits it brings to the consumer. However, everyone knows that selling anything is a complicated process that requires expertise and strategy. Product packaging is, or should be, part of the product selling strategy. A product that has a great packaging design draws more attention and may spark purchase behaviour.  In this post we explain the importance of product packaging.

Brand Association Through Product Packaging

As consumers walk through isles in a grocery store, they are bombarded by countless amounts of products and brands. It is extremely important that your consumer associates your product with your brand. A good example is someone that deeply enjoys Pringles chips. They know that they will be looking for a tube filled with potato chips, rather than a bag of chips. There are iconic brands, and iconic packaging. Working with packaging professionals trying to come up with ways to make your packaging stand out from your competition is crucial. First, you have to have a strong grasp of what your brand represents and how it is represented, and then the packaging should showcase your brand to the public.

Properly Design Packaging

You want to design packaging that is attractive to your target audience, and it is in line with your brand. For example, if yu know that your consumer has environmental responsibility high in their priorities, you should use materials that enhances these priorities. Cardboard made from recycled materials and that is recyclable is a great way to design product packaging that is sustainable. This type of effort will resonate with your audience adding value to their purchase. Remember to always remind the of your brand and to inform them of the benefits of going with your product. Colour is another element of design that is important for consumers. Many colours represent different things, and are perceived differently by different people. Do some research. Find out how your audience react to different colours and choose a colour that makes sense both for your packaging and brand.

Good product packaging will ensure that your consumer recognize your brand and buys your product. Ensure that your packaging communicates your brand guidelines and values so that they always recognize it, even in the most saturated areas. Use professionally designed product packaging so that it attracts your consumer.

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