Product Packaging Themes That Could Help Your Brand

Product Packaging Themes That Could Help Your Brand


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon. This quote explains the importance of effective branding in business, and interprets the perfect message behind retail packaging. We have written multiple posts giving tips on packaging design, but after being reminded of this quote, we decided that it was the perfect topic for this week’s post. Here are a few themes that can enhance your brand through product packaging.

Sustainability Themed Product Packaging

The scarcity of natural resources are an ongoing concern in a number of industries around the world, and consumers are well aware of the issue. Not only do they favour sustainable practices, but they demand them. Product packaging is the perfect avenue to present your commitment to sustainability. You can use an approach that drives your packaging efforts towards environmentally conscious consumers by utilizing recycled materials, materials that are recyclable, un-wasteful inks, educating your consumers on how to properly dispose of your packaging, or taking it one step higher and designing packaging that people can reuse after they have unwrapped your product.

Use a Personalized Approach to Your Packaging

We understand it is impossible to cater to every individual that makes part of your target audience. However, with some creativity and extensive research you can identify opportunities within groups of people that do make part of your consumer base, and cater to them. Coca Cola was extremely successful with its Share a Coke Campaign, because they were able to to talk to their consumers in a personal level. When you manage to speak to your consumers in a personal level, they feel inclined to share that feeling, and with the immense power and reach of social media, this is a great opportunity and advantage for your brand.

Nostalgia Themed Packaging

This theme is another way to connect with your audience. Not all products are meant to suit everyone. But knowing your product, and your target market is crucial to make this connection. Nostalgia is a very powerful sentiment that drives emotion. Being able to achieve nostalgia through your packaging might ignite impulse buying, but it will create brand loyalty as consumers build trust with something that they are familiar with.

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