Protective Packaging – ibox Packaging

Protective Packaging – ibox Packaging


You know that feeling! There is nothing more annoying than ordering a product online, and finding that it was damaged during transport. Or purchasing a product just to find that when you take it out of its packaging it, it is broken. At ibox packaging we design and manufacture protective packaging to ensure that your fragile product is protected during transport, and when it is being handled in the retail store.

Protective Packaging with Corrugated Cardboard

In the following video we show the sample die cut machine cutting a couple of boxes with protective packaging, for two different types and sizes of external hard drives.

As you can see we are able to design protective packaging for almost any product, using corrugated cardboard. These are as great as retail packaging because of our printing capabilities. However we offer many options for protecting your products during shipping. In our shipping supplies section of our website you can find options such as:

  • bubble wrap
  • newspaper
  • poly foam rolls
  • single face corrugate
  • kraft paper rolls

These materials are great for protective packaging and can be used to fill up boxes to minimize movement. However, the best option for specific, and fragile products is to have them custom designed.

For more information, or questions about custom boxes or protective packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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