Protective Packaging – Keeping Fragile Products Damage-free

Protective Packaging – Keeping Fragile Products Damage-free


In the past we written many posts about packaging and how to effectively package products. It is important to understand that not all products require the same specifications for packaging. In fact, there are some products that their packaging have to be customized. If you are looking for some extra protection in your shipment, look not further. We have a variety of options to ensure that your product arrives at its destination un damaged. With this in mind, we think of options to protect your good without jeopardizing the look of your packaging. Protective packaging will ensure your products end up in the hands of your distributor or seller.

Types Of Protective Packaging

Corrugated Boxes are Protective Packaging:

This material, by nature, is quite resistant and shock absorbent. They by default land in the protective packaging category. Having your product individually packaged in corrugated boxes is a great way to ensure they are protected. The three layers of corrugated cardboard cushions the product while it is inside the box. At ibox Packaging we customize your box to ensure it meets your specifications. Corrugated cardboard or carton comes in different sizes, thickness and shapes. These boxes also have different closing options.

Partitions or Dividers:

You may add dividers to your boxes in order to individualize the space each product takes inside a box. These are pieces of cardboard that fit inside the shipping container. This allows the product to be independently protected inside a shipping box. Think about a case of wine, where the bottles are protected from damaging one another. These partitions can also be customized to meet the specifications of your products.

Custom Protective Packaging:

Another great option is to design the packaging so that your product fits exactly in the box. Instead of using filling up the empty spaces with packaging peanuts, or newspaper, we design carton “moulds” that fits your products. These are great for individually sold products such as electronics, cosmetics, fashion items, etc.

Similar to the post’s image image, cardboard moulds can be designed to ensure there is no product movement during shipping. Not only is it extremely effective at protecting the product, this option is visually appealing, and adds value to the look of the retail packaging.

Check out this link to a post where we show in a video how this type of protection is made.

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