Recycle It – Halloween Costumes Made out of Cardboard

Recycle It – Halloween Costumes Made out of Cardboard


It’s that time of year again, witches and vampires will be roaming our neighbourhoods looking for a sweet treat. Using recycled materials can not only be fun and creative, but it can reduce environmental impacts and be a real wallet saver.

Being a packaging company and all, we are always floored by creative uses for corrugated cardboard and packaging. We are taking it beyond your run-of-the-mill robot this year and compiling our favorite creative costumes for kids and adults. Check out our favorite ideas for recycled Halloween costumes:

For kids:

  1. The oh-so-easy Lego Piece: Everyone’s favourite toy! A go-to for kids with adult friendly instructions. What you’ll need beyond a cardboard box? Recycled yogurt containers and paint.
  2. The Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag: This one may be the easiest – don’t recycle your product packaging just yet! For full instructions, check out the hyper-link above.
  3. Elaborate Alligator: a simple, yet impressive project. An instant hit at any school costume function which will be sure to turn heads!
  4. Movie Theatre Popcorn: A classic and not-so-obvious pick for a cardboard costume. All you really need is red and white paint, a box and a red bucket. You can even improvise with the popcorn, using plastic grocery bags or white paper. Enjoy!

For adults:

  1. Mario Kart: For kids and adults alike. Do you ever spot a costume and wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” Well, fret not because we’ve got an idea for that. Grab a group of your closest friends and make this surprisingly simple costume out of any old cardboard box.  
  2. A functional wine box: Are you ready to be the most popular costume at your next halloween party? The wine box is not only clever, it is functional – you can carry your wine, ON YOUR BODY! Check out our hyper-link for full instructions. This costume will not disappoint.
  3. Baby (or adult) Birkin Bag: WE ARE DYING over this one! Our instructions may be for a toddler but there is no doubt you can adjust the measurements to size. Imagine the looks you’ll get at your next office costume party dressed up in this iconic bag. This one is a tad more complicated, but no worries, check the hyper-link above. We got you covered.

If you’re not feeling any of our costumes listed above, remember, Pinterest and Buzzfeed are great, invaluable resources for all of your funny, quirky, and creative Halloween needs!  

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