Redesigning Product Packaging: Where to Start

Redesigning Product Packaging: Where to Start


Unfortunately, even great design doesn’t last forever when it comes to packaging design. Whether it’s increased competition, increased diversity in the marketplace or consumer demands for the hottest trend, it is inevitable that there will come a time that you must consider redesigning your packaging and packaging designs. In this article we will outline the best places to currently find inspiration and watch trends.

Places to Find Inspiration and Watch Design Trends

We’ve grouped this together as many of these places tend to have both! Here is a list of the our top five places to find inspiration for packaging design: 

  1. The Dieline

Our number one go to for packaging inspiration as well as trend watching is hands down The Dieline. The Dieline is updated daily, it is well curated, they release best of the week as well as trends to watch out for each year. 

  1. Dribbble

Dribble is a great resource to browse through some of the best and latest designs. It is constantly being updated by designers all around the world. One of our favourite functions of dribble is the ability to see exactly what colours are being used in each design. The also have a great blog with current trends and how-to’s

  1. Pinterest

We generally use Pinterest for two reasons: Search and creating inspiration boards. Searching through Pinterest can significantly speed up your research time as once you find a theme/style, Pinterest does a great job of showing very similar styles with each click. Inspiration boards are great for pinning specific pieces you want to refer back to. You can do this not only on Pinterest, but you can use a Pinterest extension to pin items you see on other websites such as The Dieline or Dribble. 

  1. Adobe Blog

Chances are if you’re a designer, you design in Adobe. Adobe has done an amazing job of creating and putting out amazing content for designers. Whether its trend articles, how-to’s or their font and image resources, they are definitely a great resource you can’t ignore. 

  1. Your Local Markets and Shops

Grab a coffee and wonder through your local markets and shops. Don’t limit yourself to the aisle that your product sits in but take a long gander through all the aisles. It is easy to become hyper focused on the specific niche your product lies in, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from completely different sectors. 

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