Retail Displays And Influencing Buyer Behaviour At The Point Of Purchase

Retail Displays And Influencing Buyer Behaviour At The Point Of Purchase


Do you remember the last time you impulse bought  a product? Do you remember what influenced your decision to pick up the product and buy it? Was it because you were craving it? or, because it was presented to you at the right time? All these questions are very important in understanding the effectiveness of having retail displays in your marketing strategy. We have written a few posts about these types of displays where we explain its effectiveness and strengths. In this particular post we want to reiterate our positions on the importance of these displays in order to boost sales.

Retail Displays and Influencing Shopping Decisions

Think about the last time you visited a grocery store. Did you have a shopping list? Perhaps you specifically went shopping for particular items? Did you purchase something out of impulse? Studies show that 66 percent of retail decisions are influences in-store, 51 percent are unplanned decisions and 70 percent of buying decisions are made on impulse. There are a lot of studies conducted about the shopper’s behaviour and the data, in most cases, shows that a decision can be influenced at the point of purchase.

Retail displays are tools used for Point Of Purchase (POP) marketing. If you sell products in retail stores and you want to capture this potential, the following steps should be consider. First of all, incorporate retail displays to your marketing strategy. Secondly, optimize the mix of point of purchase materials. At ibox Packaging we offer counter displays, floor displays, ballot boxes and more. Another good practice is to mix your POP strategy with sales promotion tactics. And lastly, track the effectiveness of your tactics.

Custom and Stock Displays

Similarly to retail packaging, we recommend having your display professionally designed in order to attract consumers to your product. We carry stock displays, and design customized displays to fit your needs. Your display should be in line with your brand and brand guidelines. You want the consumer to recognize your product right away. If the consumer does not know your brand yet, you want him to remember it. Having well designed retail displays will help you achieve this type of impact. We invite you to read our blog to find more information on displays, and how to strategically place them in-store.

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