Retail Packaging and Product Photography

Retail Packaging and Product Photography


As you may know, we have written posts about retail packaging where we mention that you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your potential customer, when your product is on the shelf. If you read the post titled: Tips for Great Packaging Designyou know the importance of having properly, and professionally designed retail packaging. This post touches base, and explains how to properly photograph your product and product packaging, to help you stand out from your competitors. A good photograph will not only look great in your product while it is in the shelf, but also in all your marketing collaterals, whether it is a brochure, magazine, billboard or newspaper.

The Importance of Lighting

The lighting of the product shot really depends on how the product will be showcased in the ad or packaging. If it is a scene shot where your product is part of a setting, for example a pen in a desk with computers, etc., the lighting of the shot might vary depending on the direction of the photographer and ad. If the shot is meant to showcase the product by itself, it is recommended to use a lighting box with a white background, and adjust to create or eliminate shadow.

The Background for Retail Packaging

The background of a shot in product packaging photography is very important. However, not everyone knows this but one of the elements, either the background or product, could be added digitally for the composition of the final image. This is why lighting is important. If one of the elements in the image is being added digitally, the background of the shot and the lighting, work together to achieve the desire feel for the image. Professional photographers have the knowledge and equipment to take the perfect shot of your product and choose the perfect background.

The Equipment

In contrast to fashion photography and model photography, retail packaging and product photography requires shooting very sharp photographs in order to showcase the full qualities of the packaging and product. There are many types of lenses for many different types of shots. Professional equipment will always help you deliver the best shot so that the final product, whether it is an ad or the packaging itself, helps your product sell.

Finally, whether you are shooting a cardboard box, luxury products, or any other product, it is imperative to use professional equipment. Also, always use the help of a professional photographer as they have the knowledge and equipment to take the perfect shot.

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