Retail Packaging: Appealing to the Consumer’s Subconscious

Retail Packaging: Appealing to the Consumer’s Subconscious


When you think about designing retail packaging, there is a lot of considerations to keep in mind. You have to consider materials, size, graphics, colour, typography, etc. Also consider who is going to be using and purchasing your product, and what appeals to them. In this post we talk about ideas to help your retail packaging appeal to your consumer’s subconscious.

Primary and Secondary Research

Product packaging might be designed for a specific product in your product line, however, it is part of your overall company branding. In order to design effective packaging that appeals to your consumer, a lot of research and thought should go into designing it.

For primary research, a good start could be to identify people in the company that fall under the demographics of your ideal consumer, and ask them questions. You want to ask questions that will discover insights to help design the packaging. Here are some pointers for performing primary research:

  • Give them options when asking questions. For example, which of these fonts do you find more appealing? why?
  • Even though some answers might be influenced by loyalty, ask them questions about your brand compared to your competitors. You might get very interesting insights
  • Talk about colours and how they make them feel. Talk about feelings
  • Run focus groups to get more detailed information from people who do not work in your company. You might uncover insights on how they feel about your brand and why?

For secondary research, use the internet to find out more insights about your consumer. There are many resources online that talk about demographics and consumer behaviour. Make use of other company’s research available on their websites, or on other websites.

Retail Packaging and Subliminal Messages

In order to design effective packaging you should be designing to sell the product, but also to sell your company and company values. Subliminal messages can be found in images, shapes, colours, etc. For example environmentally friendly products tend to have the colour green on its retail packaging, uses recyclable and recycled materials, and might use less packaging. Air fresheners or soaps have fruits and flowers that portray freshness or gives the idea of good smell. Diet products might come in smaller packages than regular products. All of these are subliminal messages that can appeal to the consumer and influence their purchase behaviour.

Think about colours. Different colours have different meanings, or they interpret different feelings in different people. For example: Blue is the colour of trust and peace. It can suggest loyalty and integrity as well as conservatism, dependability and frigidity. It is not a warm colour. All these meaning could have impact on how people perceive your product’s retail packaging.

There are many way to influence your consumer’s subconscious. A good way to discover insights so that you can implement them to your packaging is by performing research, both primary and secondary. Moreover, think about subliminal messages that can influence your consumer’s purchase behaviour. Having these pointers in mind will help you design more effective packaging.

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