Retail Packaging And Great Custom Retail Design Ideas

Retail Packaging And Great Custom Retail Design Ideas


If there is something that excites people in our industry is the many different designs companies come out with for their retail packaging. In an industry where large orders consist of bulks of stock shipping boxes, having a bit of colour and originality can be considered refreshing. We have written many post about retail packaging, and we will continue to do so. We know how important well designed packaging is for a company, and we are happing to share our expertise. In this post we will give ideas on how to make the best of your retail packaging through boxes designs and graphic design ideas.

Effective Retail Packaging

As we mentioned in earlier posts, your retail packaging should tell a story. It should definitely try to tell your story. Doing this can be achieved through graphics and box design. Obviously, we don’t mean to write a story on the box in order to tell it to your consumer. A great level of creativity and originality should be taken into consideration in order to achieve this.

Images speak more than a thousand words.” This is a popular saying that we strongly agree with. Important information should written out to ensure the point gets across, but a good story can be illustrated through shapes and figures. Make sure you know your story. Make sure you are clear on the message you want to get across. Ensure you follow your brand guidelines. Make sure you incorporate your ideas with your companies values. Be careful not to overpopulate your designs. Simplicity can be an effective tool in this matter. Take into consideration all these points and get in touch with a professional to help you design your packaging.

Not All Boxes Are Squares

In addition to great graphic design, a box design is the “icing on the cake.” Consult an expert and figure out original ways to die cut your box to create innovative designs. We have seen many examples of great industrial designed transferred into packaging. These ideas add value to one’s packaging as it separates them from competitors. Play with the box openings. Add functionality to the box. Make the box complimentary to the product. There are many ways to design boxes and we encourage our customers to always explore and find the right fit.

At ibox packaging we thrive on creative innovative designs and are proud on the work we do. Please contact us for more information about custom boxes, retail packaging design, or with any inquiries. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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