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Retail Packaging Design and Branding – ibox Packaging


As we all know, a product’s packaging is, in many occasions, the first point of contact a consumer may have with your brand or product. People might be attracted to your product because of the shape, colour, texture, or convenience of your packaging. In some cases packaging is the deciding factor on whether someone picks up a product from the shelf. This is why it is so important to pay close attention on how your packaging is affecting the success of your business. This post talks about how branding and retail packaging design should work together to maximize the impact of your product in the shelf.

Retail Packaging Design and Listening to the Consumer

Designing retail packaging is a very important process in a products’ marketing strategy. As we mentioned above, it could be the deciding factor on whether your product is picked up from the shelf or not. Here is where conducting research is key to the success of your strategy. Surveys, focus groups, interviews , etc., are some ways to get some insight from your target audience. Also, it is a good idea to have people study the way consumers react to similar products, and their packaging, while shopping in a retail store. The idea behind the research is to ensure that you are designing your retail packaging with the consumer in mind. If your consumer has a clear recognition of your brand, you are on the right track.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Having a clear understanding on how your retail packaging is working for your product sales, is imperative to the success of a product’s retail performance. In many cases, packaging is the selling point, or the main factor, in a consumer decision making process. This may be the reason why some companies keep experimenting and changing its product packaging to test and explore how it may affect sales. This is a good way to get insight, but it is important to recognize what is the main quality that separates you from your competitor is, and sticking with it when redesigning. Remember, your brand is important, and the retail packaging design should always be in line with it. There are examples of companies that went into a packaging redesign to make it look similar to its competitors, and it ended up confusing the customer. This company didn’t know that the key factor to the product’s success was its packaging until they decided to redesign it.

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