Retail Packaging Design: ibox Packaging Fonts of the Month

Retail Packaging Design: ibox Packaging Fonts of the Month


As mentioned in many of our previous blog posts we love packaging design! From development to execution. This post is about an element in the development stage, and it is about typography. Similarly to last month’s packaging fonts of the month post, we will provide you with our picks of fonts for this month’s. All of our picks are based on how well do they work for branding or designing retail packaging.

Packaging Design Fonts of the Month

1. Elegant Lux Pro

elegant font

This geometric sans-serif font is a great looking font for branding and design. It has a modern and clean feel to it. It would be a great choice for minimalistic designs, as well as for athletic brands. This font would also look great if you are looking to brand corrugated boxes for shipping.

It is available for purchase exclusively in The Designers Foundry website.

2. Palm Canyon Drive

palm canyon drive font

The Palm Canyon Drive is a fun script font that adds class and has the ability to give a classic type of font a modern look. We believe it would work perfect in the beverage industry, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. It would also look great in clothing brands and store fronts. Also, this font would work well in promotional collaterals such as personalized letters on eCommerce packaging.

You can purchase Palm Canyon Drive on Creative Market website.

3. Maxim Script

maxim script font

Here is another script font we picked this month. The reason we picked it is because of its fresh, playful look. We believe that this font would be perfect for fresh produce or healthy food branding. It is also good for greeting cards, posters, and recipe cards.

This font is available for download on Creative Market website.

4. Jekyll and Hyde

jekyll and hyde font

This is great. These sister fonts come in serif and sans-serif. The would be great in retail packaging design as they compliment each other and allows designers to achieve an “old fashioned/new school” look. They are very versatile and can be used separately or together. It looks like the font has good weight, which means that it would transfer well to corrugated cardboard. We could see this fonts being used in packaging for electronics, packaged foods, company branding, etc.

The two sister fonts are available to download for free over on Behance.

5. Visby

visby font

Here is another example of a font that would look great in minimalistic designs. It would look great in high-end, high quality packaging for luxury products. Because of its versatility, we can also see this font in trendy packaging. Think coffee, chocolate products, environmentally conscious products, etc.

Visby is available to purchase over on HypeForType.

All these fonts are great options for retail packaging design, and are our picks for August. Stay tuned next month for other font picks. For more information, or questions about packaging design or retail packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.


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