Retail Packaging Design Resources for Inspiration

Retail Packaging Design Resources for Inspiration


The packaging industry has undergone significant changes in design technology, manufacturing processes, materials, and sustainability. We are also noticing that trends are changing as rapidly as the seasons. 

The retail environment has always been incredibly competitive, and with the advent of ever changing packaging technologies, it is becoming even harder to remain on the top of your game. 

For any growing business, packaging or graphic designer, it is now, more than ever, to be up to date on all relevant developments. Whether it’s design inspiration, new ideas for different packaging materials, or just to get a better handle on what is happening in the world of packaging, it is important to do continuous research. 

We have compiled a list of resources for packaging inspiration so that you can peruse your way to perfect packaging! 

  1. The Dieline

We consider this the holy grail of packaging design inspo. They cover a wide and diverse range of packaging; from bottles, cans, boxes, and sustainable materials. The Dieline also has a unique focus on innovation. Check them out here:

  1. Behance 

Behance is a creative social media platform where designers and artists can showcase their projects. It was developed by Adobe (that’s right, that Adobe). You’ve likely used Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign to create your packaging, and now you can browse other artists’ work. Smash this link to peruse:

  1. Pinterest and Instagram

Speaking of social media inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are personal go-tos to feel inspired. Pinterest is a great way to discover very *aesthetic* design inspiration (be warned, Pinterest can veritably sway feminine). And Instagram is a great way to discover up and coming designers. Almost every single designer and business will have either a Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram (or all 3!). 

  1. Fast Company Design 

We know, Fast Company is a digital publication with a strong business focus. But, did you know they have a section of their website dedicated to design? Featuring packaging, fashion, urban planning, architecture, and so much more, Fast Company Design loves to showcase the innovators, design disruptors, and artists gone rogue. Browse here: 

  1. It’s Nice That 

It’s Nice That is an oasis of creativity. They have a ton of helpful articles for any business or packaging designer. They’ve provided hot tips on Adobe updates, Illustrator paint brushes, and have even asked other designers what their standard rate of pay is. Not to mention that they curate all that is cutting edge in the world of art and design. Check them out here:

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