Retail Packaging: Designing Packaging with the Consumer as Focus

Retail Packaging: Designing Packaging with the Consumer as Focus


Great packaging is an essential part of a product’s success. In the food industry, for example, there is huge competition between product categories and when they are placed in retail shelving, your competitor’s product will always be right beside your product. The best type of packaging design is the one that is aimed at the consumer, and not necessarily to the brand. In this post we give tips on how to focus on your customer when designing packaging.

Packaging for your Consumer

A great example of how some companies are successful with packaging, specially when shipping, is the eCommerce industry. When ordering clothing, some companies decide to ship on sturdy plastic bags. They are strong and light, and serve the purpose of delivering your product to your door without any damage. However, if we are talking about fashion, shouldn’t companies be using branded boxes? Or some sort of premium packaging? The packaging is the first thing they see when they receive the product. It is important to make a good first impression as it will stick with people for a long time. This is when packaging works in enhancing a customer experience.

Looks aren’t Everything

It is important to design attractive packaging when it comes to retail packaging, as it may help catch the attention of the customer. However, recently, consumers have started to look at other factors when deciding what adds value when it comes to packaging. These factors include:

  • Packaging being environmentally friendly
  • Packaging being transparent, which means that the packaging should have nutritional facts, product information, ingredients, etc.
  • Packaging being functional and easy to open
  • Packaging not encouraging any product waste when opening or using.

If your retail packaging has these points in mind, it is reinforcing a positive customer experience due to the fact people find value in these.

Designing packaging with the customer as focus will help sell products. One of the best ways to find out what your customers are looking for when purchasing your product’s category is to do some research. You can do this by giving out short surveys at trade shows, seminars or in retail stores. Make sure to be concise and ask the right questions. You could get some great insight about your product and retail packaging. Another way to get great insights is to do focus groups. A focus group consists of a small group of people (6-10) talking about a specific topic, led by a moderator. By doing this you could dig into exactly your consumer expects from you in terms of product and retail packaging design.

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