Retail Packaging – How To Tell A Story Through Packaging

Retail Packaging – How To Tell A Story Through Packaging


As you may know, we have written multiple posts about how to design effective retail packaging, trends in packaging design and how to increase sales through your packaging, amongst other posts. For this week’s post, we though we would emphasize on one of the tips we have given about effective packaging, and talk about how to tell a story through your retail packaging design. This also applies for your retail displays designs.

Retail Packaging Should Tell A Story

The first thing to do is to ensure you are clear on what the benefits of your product are to the consumer, and have a clear and solid understanding on what it is that you want to tell your audience. Remember that when you are designing retail packaging one of the most important elements is choosing the material you want to use. Whether you want to be innovative, or traditional, the material itself could be the beginning of the story. At this point you have a blank canvas. A blank page.

It is important to understand that every element of design that you use in your packaging, says something about your product, company and brand. Some of these elements are interpreted differently, by different groups of people. Here is were research is crucial to ensure that whatever you use will resonate in the same manner with the group of people your target audience is a part of.

A picture is worth a thousand words,” a very popular saying, with a lot of weight to it. Choosing the appropriate imagery for your packaging is crucial to relaying messages. Because they are what tend to attract the most attention, your images should be the body of your story. When someone looks at the images in your packaging they should understand what it is your are trying to tell them. This is why careful planning should go into choosing these images. You want to ensure that there is no confusion or misinterpretation.

A good way to ensure that your story is not being misinterpreted is to add copy to your design. Here is where you have an opportunity to back up the story the rest of your design elements are trying to tell. Choosing the right font could set the tone of the story, and contribute to its message. At the end, the moral of your “story” is the message you want your consumer to understand.

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