Retail Packaging Tips for Startups – ibox Packaging

Retail Packaging Tips for Startups – ibox Packaging


Starting a new business is a complex adventure that requires careful planning, ambition and thrive. There are many variables to a business plan. Every single one has to be taken into consideration to ensure the business hits the ground running from the start. We have written multiple posts on packaging tips, but in this particular one we will focus our expertise on planning your retail packaging strategy for your future business.

The Perfect Retail Packaging and Considering Its Cost

After understanding the advantages of properly designed retail packaging, putting an idea into production will cost money. When you have an effective design, it will help your product get noticed while on the shelves. This, in theory, should help you with sales. Cost considerations for retail packaging design include the material chosen, the type of printing, the size of the packaging, etc. We have seen very effective packaging that have managed to be successful with incredibly cost effective packaging materials.

There are materials that are made out of recycled materials and tend to be relatively inexpensive. Also, considering whether you want to print in full colour, or using black or one tone is something that could help with the cost of your packaging. Lastly, if your product does not require a lot of protection, using less material to present it to the public will make sense. This will not only save you on material cost, but it will create a positive image with your consumer by letting them know that you are conscious of waste.

Where Are You Selling?

It is extremely important to have full understanding of where your product is going to be sold. If you have a good idea of the type of store your product is going to be sold in, then you can have an idea on how to design the perfect retail packaging for your product. Different stores attract different types of people and it is obvious that you want to have your product in stores that attract your target market. Take some time and see the labels or packaging of your competitors, see how people react to them and start planning your packaging design. Remember to always design packaging that will add value to your product and to your consumer.

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