RSC Boxes, The Most Popular Corrugated Container

RSC Boxes, The Most Popular Corrugated Container


RSC boxes are the most popular type of box you will find in the market. For those of you new to packaging and are inquiring about boxes, this is the famous shipping box. RSC stands for “regular slotted container.” Every industry has its own terminology and this is the correct term to use when purchasing corrugated shipping boxes. In this post we emphasize on the versatility, and advantages of these boxes.

RSC Boxes are Relatively Inexpensive

These boxes tend to be an economical option for packaging and shipping your products. The materials used to manufacture these boxes is recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard. A material that is inexpensive and favourable for the environment. These containers tend to also be more affordable, because they require less material to manufacture, and more simple procedures to cut them.

Why Go With Shipping Boxes?

These types of boxes are exactly what you picture when you think of a box. Square or rectangular in shape, with four flaps at the top that meet in the middle for sealing purposes. Usually, it is sealed with packaging tape or filament tape. We have these boxes in stock in different shapes and sizes to meet your shipping and packaging needs. These boxes are easy to assemble and easy to ship from one place to another. They come in different quantities, and as we mentioned earlier, they are a non-customized economical option. They could also be printed on allowing for branding opportunities throughout the whole shipping chain. We strongly recommend customers to brand their boxes and think about design.

A Few Downsides

Every great product has its pros and cons. The few flaws these containers have is that they come in predetermined sizes. It is up to the consumer to ensure that the product fits the box as opposed to the box fit the product. Occasionally, shipping materials should be used in order to avoid shifting during transportation. For example if an order does not fill up the boxes, other products should be used to fill the gap. Products such as newsprint, craft paper or packing peanuts are used to fill up the space and avoid damage.

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