Is Seasonal or Holiday Packaging Worth the Effort?

Is Seasonal or Holiday Packaging Worth the Effort?


Summer is upon us and before you know it, it’ll be Christmas with Christmas themed advertising everywhere. The question that some companies struggle with is do they spend the time and money to roll out new seasonal or holiday themed packaging. Is it worth the cost? This can be a complicated question to answer however. Many companies do see boosts in revenue from holiday themed packaging. Some do better than others of course. It can really depend on what you are selling and who your customers are. But getting a boost in sales isn’t the only measure of the success.. Here are some considerations to make when assessing if themed packaging is worth the extra time and money.

Does it really work?

Have you ever seen the Coca-Cola polar bear themed cans? If you pay attention to Coca-Cola’s can design during the holiday season you may have noticed the Christmas themed designs. Does Coca-Cola change their can design for fun or have they conducted a thorough research campaign to analyze what their return on investment may be. Coca-Cola knows exactly what they are doing. They understand that the holiday season creates positive emotion and they want to associate that positive emotion with their brand.

Fanta is another example of a company who used a Halloween themed campaign. They not only changed their packaging but they also created an entire marketing campaign, and this definitely paid off with a nice bump in sales.

Taking advantage of impulse purchases

The holiday season is a perfect time to take advantage of impulse purchases. Think about this, if a consume is more likely to make an impulse purchase during the holiday season which type of product are they more likely to purchase, one with or without a holiday themed design? Probably the one with holiday themed packaging. Of course you must consider the type of product your are selling. If your products are more higher cost big ticket items then this strategy might not exactly pay off.

Opportunity to boost your brand with a positive friendly message

Depending on what you are selling there might be an opportunity to associate your brand with a happy positive message. Of course associating your brand with positive elements is always desirable but sometimes adding in a positive message might look out of context and awkward. Adding in messages associated with the season or a holiday is obvious and less likely for the consumer to be confused.

If you have a custom box themed holiday idea let us know.

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