Shipping Boxes: Reasons for Choosing Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes: Reasons for Choosing Shipping Boxes


Shipping boxes are containers, usually made out of corrugated cardboard, used to package, protect and transport goods from one place to another. There are various considerations when choosing the right shipping box. These include the size, protective capabilities, price, and printing.

There are many different types of shipping boxes, and people use them in different ways. Companies use them to ship products either directly to the consumer, in a eCommerce setting, or to distributors or retailers. Shipping boxes are also known as moving boxes, and people use them for that exact reason, to move. There are other creative applications to these cardboard boxes, and we explained in one of our previous posts called 5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Cardboard Boxes.  The following are some considerations and reasons to choose shipping boxes.

Economical Aspect

At ibox Packaging we use corrugated cardboard to build our shipping boxes. Our corrugated cardboard is a material made out of recycled materials, and compared to other materials used for containers, it is relatively economical option for shipping containers.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Protective Capabilities

We carry a large variety of stock boxes with different dimensions and sizes. We also make custom boxes to comply with our client’s specific orders. Corrugated cardboard is very sturdy and it is the best choice for shipping because it helps protects products from being damaged during transportation. Moreover, to ensure complete protection from product to product, inside the box, dividers can be used to keep each item from touching. It is important to choose the right size of box so that when products are stored, all the space is maximized.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Printing Capabilities

We have the ability to print onto our shipping boxes. Corrugated cardboard is a material that ink transfers really well to. The advantage of having printed boxes is that the box is advertising your brand and company. When adding a logo to a shipping box, it adds perceived value of the brand. Companies have different packaging designs for different products. By adding a design to a box, it is easier for shippers to sort and store these boxes while they get prepped for shipping.

Finally, there are mays advantage of using corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. They tend to be the more economical and sustainable option compared to other shipping containers, it is very functional for both storing and protecting products during transportation, and with the material printing capabilities the box acts as a promotional tool of the brand and company.

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