Shipping Supplies – The Four Stages To Consider

Shipping Supplies – The Four Stages To Consider


In our industry, the most important factor to consider is to ensure that the product arrives to its destination. The key here is to ensure it arrives safely and without damage. In previous post we have written about the importance of shipping supplies. However, this post identifies four stages to examine when it comes to effective shipping and packaging.

Choosing The Appropriate Box

Many people do not realize that the box in which they transport products, is a shipping supply. It is extremely important to ensure you have the perfect cardboard box to ship you products. Having the right size of box will not only ensure your product is protected, but it will have economic impact for your business. Implement a proper packaging strategy to help you identify the proper material, size and quantities of boxes needed. Our packaging specialists will help you come up with the optimal strategy for your business.

Shipping Supplies And Protecting Your Product Inside The Box

Protect your product. A lot of products require extra attention when it comes to shipping. They might be fragile, or have awkward shapes to fit in regular boxes. Look into the different options available to protect your shipment. Again, plan accordingly and speak with a packaging professional. Always try to find the best option for your business. We offer cardboard partitions and dividers, bubble wrap, filling papers (newspaper and kraft rolls), poly foam rolls, packaging peanuts, etc.

Ship Sealed Packages

In order to ensure that your package arrives to its destination undamaged, you must ship sealed shipments. If a box pops open during transportation, the product inside might come out damaging the whole shipment. Using shipping supplies such as filament tape or shipping tape, or perhaps staples, will help your packaging stay closed during the shipping cycle. Some boxes have sealing mechanism in their designs, but it is also recommended to re-enforce the sealing with tape. After placing the shipment in a pallet, it must be wrapped to avoid shifting during transport. Wrap your shipping using supplies such as pallet wraps. This is a flexible durable type of wrap that ensure you shipment stays in the pallet.

Label Your Boxes

Labels will add value to your shipments. If your product is being shipped using different intermediaries, label it appropriately to let every player in the shipping chain know how to handle your shipment. If you are transporting hazardous material, labeling is not only a good idea, it is mandatory.

At ibox Packaging, we are industry experts and are always happy to assist you with any shipping need. For more information, or questions about shipping supplies or protective packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.


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