How To Stimulate Creativity On Your Next Packaging Project

How To Stimulate Creativity On Your Next Packaging Project


As designers we all go through dry spells or creative blocks similar to the infamous ‘writers block’. The problem with creative blocks, is generally clients don’t budget for an unforeseen amount of time to regain your creative juices. Here are a few ideas to help stimulate creativity on your next packaging design project:

Brain Storm
Brainstorming is a great activity at beginning of any creative project. It enables you to get all of your ideas down and organize them accordingly. Brainstorming can be extremely productive in group settings. More people, more ideas! Here is an excellent resource to get the most out of your brainstorming session: 11 Best Ways to Brainstorm Creative Ideas

Visit a Retailer with Similar Products
When designing retail packaging, visit your nearest retailer that sells competitor products. Get a feel for the competition. Take photo’s and make notes. Look for other marketing opportunities such as floor displays or counter displays. When you get back to the office start by running a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threatens) analysis on the products you had seen in store. The key is to understand how you can create a niche to draw consumers in.   

Visit a Local Museum or Art Gallery
Whether or not there is an exhibit that is remotely related to your project, visiting museums and art galleries tends to spark creativity. We suggest just going and taking it all in. Jot down ideas for your project. There’s something about being surrounded by art and design that just sparks creativity.

Find a Partner to Collaborate With
If you prefer to work in teams and thrive on others energy, try pulling in a partner on your project. Having a partner can help stimulate ideas from the beginning right to execution. Are you a lone wolf? Consider scrapping the partner, but seeking a collaborator/mentor to bounce ideas off throughout the project.

Put away your computer/phone/tablet
Generally, I have about 10 – 15 tabs open in browser through out the day. 70% of them are related to the projects I’m working on, but I will usually have a few key distractors open as well (Facebook, news sites, craigslist etc.). If you’re constantly getting distracted, leave all of your devices in your office and head to a coffee shop with a pad of paper and pen.  

Do you have a few tricks up your sleeve that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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