Why Sustainable Packaging Can Be Good for Business

Why Sustainable Packaging Can Be Good for Business


When it comes to packaging, businesses have to make a myriad of choices and considerations. Some of the these choices are obvious and can directly impact the bottom line. Choosing the right custom packaging can have a meaningful impact on costs. Consumers are increasingly more environmentally conscious. Companies that do not adapt to these consumers’ demands may lose out on potential revenue, sustainable packaging can in fact be quite good for business.

A recent study by Unilever shows that “a third of consumers (33%) are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.” This means that brands that convey their sustainable practices to consumers can create new opportunity and increase profits. Choosing sustainable packaging can help boost your bottom line and help position your brand as an environmentally friendly alternative, helping consumers to feel like they’ve made the right decision.

Three environmental benefits to think about when choosing custom boxes

Reusable – choosing corrugated boxes can save on disposable costs. Boxes can be folded and stored away to use at a later date. By reusing boxes not only are there environmental benefits but also disposable cost savings.

RecyclableCardboard boxes can easily be recycled. This too not only saves on disposable costs but reduces the number of times a package would have to be disposed of. Each time a box is recycled that is one less package in the landfill.

Renewable materials – The type of wood used to make corrugated boxes grows relatively quickly versus wood used in other products. This means that cardboard materials are easily renewable and the amount of time and effort needed to grow the trees needed to produce corrugated boxes is relatively minimal.

Three not so obvious benefits of corrugated custom boxes

Resource supply risk– By moving to more environmentally friendly solutions companies can reduce the risk posed to their packaging supplies due to resource scarcity. When companies use wood based products such as corrugated boxes they are relying on a material that can be sustainably produced for generations to come.

Regulatory risk – When companies choose materials that are less sustainable they run the risk that governmental policy will affect their supply resources. Environmental law and regulations are getting more stringent over time, not less. Using materials that are more sustainable can mitigate the risk that a new environmental law will negatively affect your business.

Sustainability Innovation – When companies use products that are sustainable they help drive the demand for sustainability innovation. This will help create better materials and resources that can help environmentally conscious consumers undoubtedly feel even more satisfied with their purchase.

If you want read more on sustainability practices as they relate to custom packaging check out this article in our blog here.

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