Sustainable Packaging Practices and Insights

Sustainable Packaging Practices and Insights


At ibox Packaging we always get excited about new packaging projects. We have a full team of packaging professionals that are able to help you with any questions you may have. With every project, we aim to deliver the most effective packaging while being responsible with our environment. This post will discuss ways in which we do our part to maintain sustainable packaging practices, and give insight on how some projects have been successful by being environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Packaging Practices

Sustainability is very important when it comes to designing packaging. This is why we are part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative, and we implement an in-house recycling program. At ibox Packaging our cardboard is made from recycled materials, and it is recyclable. We use vegetable ink, which is environmentally friendly as it reduces toxic waste. We let our clients know of our sustainable practices and suggest the best options so that their project is effective, while staying responsible with the environment.

Sustainable Packaging Projects

There are many designs that are really successful by being really minimalistic, and simple. We have seen projects where the natural colour of cardboard is used with 1 or 2 tones of ink, and they turned out to look really cool, and in some cases elegant. By doing this the client is saving on material cost, and they are using sustainable packaging practices.

Another way to stay responsible with the environment, is to ensure that you are using the right amount of materials. It is important that the product is being protected with the packaging, while having it look appealing to the end consumer. You don’t want to over-package as it could be costly, and it is wasteful. Again, sometimes less is more.

Moreover, it is a good idea to inform your client and consumer how to appropriately dispose of the packaging materials. If you are using materials that are recyclable, let them know. If you are using materials that are compostable, also inform them on how to dispose of it. It seems like it would be obvious, but it does go a long way.

Whether it is a retail packaging project, or an order of branded shipping boxes, being respectful of the environment is important to both our company and our clients. For more information about sustainable packaging design, or sustainable packaging options please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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