The Versatility of Custom Die Cut Boxes

The Versatility of Custom Die Cut Boxes


This is a technical post explaining the different applications of custom die cut boxes. If you read our post on Die Cutting for Custom Packaging Explainedyou will know what die cutting is and its process. To summarize, using a die to cut corrugated cardboard, allows people to customize boxes to whatever dimensions and shape they desire. Here are five types of boxes that can be manufactured using custom dies: bin boxes, mailer boxes, ballot boxes, fruit trays, and retail packaging.

Bin Boxes

Bin boxes are tray-like boxes that allow users to organize items, and increases shelf storage space, because of its organizing compartments. They are great for displaying food products on the shelf or in a fridge. They come in various sizes and can be made to order depending on the specific dimensions required by the client.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are very versatile types of die cut boxes. They can be use industrially for mailing or shipping documents or products, or if used creatively they can be used as retail packaging or promotional packaging. It is made of a single piece of cardboard and has a self-locking lid.

Here is an example of a mailer box we did for the Vancouver Canucks:

custom high quality fully printed litho laminate custom die cut box


Ballot Boxes

Ballot boxes are great for events such as trade shows, company parties, seminars, etc. These boxes have an open slot in the lid and they are used for anonymous submissions of information.  They could be used for voting, contests, gathering information for promotional lists. A custom ballot box can have a company’s branding and any type of graphic design.

Here is and example of a mailer box we worked on:

custom die cut ballot-box


Corrugated Fruit Trays

It is fruit season! Summer is here and the crops of fresh fruit are spruced and ready for consumption. We recently published a post on Corrugated Trays where we showed a video on the process of cutting and folding a sample. For large orders a die would be created according to the client’s specifications. These trays are great for packaging and displaying small to medium size fruit such as berries, apples and peaches.

Here is an image of one of our corrugated trays.

custom die cut corrugated cardboard tray

Retail Packaging

ibox Packaging can design any type of box used as retail packaging. Different companies have different ideas on how their retail packaging should look. This is why we design boxes specific to the client’s design and dimensions. Because of the custom aspect of these type of packaging, we create dies that will suit almost any design. Once a die is created, it can be used multiple times repeat orders.

Here is an example of a retail packaging project we worked on.

retail packaging, ibox packaging

Finally, die cut boxes are very versatile because they have many applications. If there is a project that requires a custom design of box shape, a die will be created to meet the required specifications. For more information, or questions about custom boxes or custom die cut boxes please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.



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