Tips for Designing Effective Retail Packaging

Tips for Designing Effective Retail Packaging


When thinking about product packaging the first that comes to mind is its functionality when protecting the product. However, retail packaging, similarly to magazine ads or TV commercials, serves as a marketing tool to deliver the identity of a brand, and the presentation of the product. This is why it is very important to consider the design and all design elements so that it stays in line with the brand, and present the product in the most attractive way possible. The other important thing to think about is to know and understand who do you want to deliver a message and present the product to.

Here are a few tips to consider when designing product packaging.

Exterior Product Packaging Material Consideration

The material selection for retail packaging is very important. A lot of consideration should go into picking the right material for the packaging. These considerations are: cost, versatility, durability, printing capabilities, how it will ship, etc. It is also the canvas for the design, so it is important to choose how the design is going to be transferred onto the material. Chipboard, SPS, folding carton and corrugated cardboard are some of the materials we offer for retail packaging.

Packaging Design Elements

Having an attractive packaging design helps attract customers to purchase a product. This is why it is very important to consider the elements of design very carefully – illustrations, colour, typography, lines, shapes, etc. It is also important to evaluate how intricate the design should be. Depending on the product and the brand the design could vary from minimalistic designs, to a collage type of packaging design with lots of illustrations and colours. Whatever the product or brand is, packaging design will help with sales as it is the first thing the consumer sees when considering a purchase.

Who Are You Selling To

With materials and design considerations in mind, it is time to turn to how and why pick these materials and elements in the design of the product packaging. Your customer; the consumers you are trying to get to; your target market. Once you understand who is your consumer you can then start picking packaging materials and designs for your retail packaging. A lot of different factors should be examined: demographics geographic, psychographic, and behavioural factors should be understood in order to design attractive and effective retail packaging.

Overall, understanding your product, brand and consumer is important when choosing materials and choosing the perfect design for the packaging of the product. For any questions regarding packaging design or retail packaging please contact us.

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