Tips for Designing Holiday Packaging

Tips for Designing Holiday Packaging


We’re sure you’ve already noticed it, November 1st hits, and all of a sudden you hear Mariah Carey’s Christmas album in every shop on repeat. Christmas this year has hit differently than any other year in recent history. People want something to look forward to and to celebrate, something to distract from life in the time of pandemic. 

It’s not surprising that Forbes has forecasted e-commerce sales to blow up this holiday season. With people staying home and celebrating virtually, consumers are opting for online shopping versus the traditional retail environment. 

  1. Holiday Specific Packaging 

You’ve likely seen the Starbucks holiday cups hit the stores already, and there’s no doubt that they are recognized as being synonymous with the start of the holiday season. However, doing a complete packaging redesign as a small business can be costly and risky. Unless your selected design is classic and ambiguous enough to guarantee longevity, you may want to consider alternative ideas to bring the holidays to your product. 

One idea could be incorporating a gift tag, or seasonal feature. Creating a specific promotion which uses a separate, holiday focussed box could also be an interesting alternative. 

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  1. Retail Displays 

If you have a strong, existing retail presence, consider creating a custom holiday themed retail display. Whether it is a smaller counter display, or large floor display, customizing it for the season could be a great way to draw customers to your product without needing to change your overall design. 

  1. Spruce Up Your Shipping Boxes 

Adding a seasonal sticker to shipping boxes could also be an easy and cost effective way to show your holiday cheer. 

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  1. Make it Sustainable

Regardless of the season, sustainability should remain at the forefront of any packaging strategy. The holiday season has been notoriously wasteful and it is imperative that your brand reflects a commitment to sustainability. For packaging, corrugated cardboard is the most environmentally friendly and easiest to recycle. Regardless of your packaging material choice, make sure that customers know how and where to recycle your packaging .  

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