Top 10 Font’s for Packaging

Top 10 Font’s for Packaging


Designing packaging is one of my favourite tasks, but there are always some key things to keep in mind. For this article I’m going to breakdown my ‘top 10 font’s for packaging‘ into 3 different types of packaging and the material used. 

Fonts Best Used Directly on Brown Cardboard Boxes

Keep in mind, printing directly onto cardboard boxes is trickier than other (denser) materials. There is the possibility that if the font is to thin or light, it may sink into the cardboard and not show up as clear and concise as a thicker stock font. For that reason I have chosen the fonts below:

Helvetica Neue – BOLD
Helvetica font for packaging shipping boxes

Franklin Gothic
franklin gothic font for packaging

Cooper Black


Fonts Best Used Directly on Folding Carton

Printing on folding carton opens a whole world of options for print and fonts. Generally when printing onto folding carton, it makes most sense to print using an offset printer to keep your cost low. Some other pretty interesting applications would be using foil stamps or embossing or debossing your fonts and graphics.


futura font for packaging, packaging fonts

pacifico font for packaging

Chunk Five
chunk five font for packaging


Fonts Best Used Directly When Litho-Laminating onto Cardboard

This is fair game for any font. Litho-laminating is one of the highest quality applications for printing onto cardboard. Basically, the artwork is printed either digitally or offset onto paper and then laminated onto the cardboard before being die cut. In this case, I’m going to give you a few really beautiful minimalist fonts you may have trouble with on other applications.

NEXA – Light
nexa font for packaging

Seaside Resort
seaside font for packaging

Museo Slab
museo font for packaging shipping boxes


Are you looking for symbols for your packaging? Look no further, Font Squirrel offers a free typeface that includes a number of useful symbols for packaging so that you don’t have to draw them yourself. Your can get them here: Symbol Font
symbols for shipping boxes


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