Top 5 Resources for Packaging Designers

Top 5 Resources for Packaging Designers


Whether you are new to graphic design or are a seasoned veteran, we have compiled our top 5 resources for packaging designers to help you while working through your next design.

1. The Dieline – Packaging & Dielines: a Free Resource
While finding inspiration for designs can be one thing, another is figuring out the basic dieline pattern used for the packaging. Thanks to The Dieline, it is now possible to access an assortment of dielines which you can reference for your next project.

2. Adobe Color CC (Formerly Kuler) – Online Color Picker
Expert or not, using Adobe Color CC can save you heaps of time trying to figure out which colors work best with one another. This is also a fun application to play around with… we suggest you give it a try!

3. Font Squirrel – Beautiful Free Fonts
There is no shortage of font resources online, but saying that you probably already know it can be overwhelming. Font Squirrel does an excellent job with organizing and curating a decent number of fonts.

4. Deskpack by ESKO – Adobe Illustrator Plugin for Packaging
Deskpack is a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. With these plugins, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop become full-fledged packaging prepress applications.

5. Digital Tutors – Online Design Tutorials
Software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and AutoCad are filled with so much functionality; it would be almost impossible to be a true expert without accessing some extra help along the way. Digital Tutors offers tutorials for a variety of applications.

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