#trending2017: Innovation and Emerging Packaging Design Trends

#trending2017: Innovation and Emerging Packaging Design Trends


While buzzwords such as “millennial pink” and “minimalism” seem to dominate design narratives of recent years, these hot trends can often feel overly conceptual and intangible. With an oversaturation of photographic material to peruse online, it can perpetually feel as if your brand/product/service is constantly losing its market relevancy. Fear not as this is the beauty of a trend; it’s accessible, palatable, and most of all, consumable. Trends are trends for a reason, they are human manifestations. Subconscious or not, we can’t help but follow. While trends may not appeal to all of us, they are at the essence of consumer markets; we need to pay attention to them.

The question ultimately begs, how can you implement the latest trends through innovation without a total rebrand?

  1. Craft and craftsmanship: placing emphasis on not only the final product, but the ways and methods by which the product is made. Craftsmanship implies expertise and knowledge into the way a product is made. This can be conveyed in many ways; particularly through your packaging. Conveying craft does not have to entail an overall rebrand, rather, it could mean small changes to your packaging. Consider the recent trend of using recycled, craft paper for any retail packaging, and POP displays. Craft packaging can give the feel of small batch, expert production and an overall higher quality product. If you are already taking steps to refine your craft, include those descriptors on the packaging – your consumer will look for it!  
  2. Pragmatism: recent packaging design innovation has been focused not only on aesthetics, but on overall pragmatism. Innovation with regards to packaging could mean exploring different shapes, packaging does not have to be confined to the traditional shape of a box; consider envelopes which could serve multiple purposes, a custom box that doubles as a planter, play with origami or interesting folded shapes.
  3. Minimalism: we know! This buzzword has blown up in recent years. However, how can you employ the concepts of minimalism within your retail packaging, counter display or floor display? Think about what you need and what you don’t need; which information needs to be communicated on the packaging and can you direct consumers to your website if they want to know more? White space/blank space is your friend! You don’t need to fill up every inch of your packaging, leaving space not only conveys minimalism, it looks clean, fresh and modern.  

Innovation not only takes paying attention to trends, it involves learning from others, collaborating in a creative way and being able to see what works for you in order to become a leader in your field.

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