Two Types of Counter Displays and How to Use Them

Two Types of Counter Displays and How to Use Them


Counter displays function to promote products in a retail environment. They can be a particularly effective tool when used with respect to impulse purchases as they are traditionally placed at the point of sales. Counter displays also work to increase brand awareness by creating a visual hierarchy via separation of the intended products from the rest of the merchandise in any given shop. Below are 2 examples of counter displays. Think of it as a no-nonsense guide for displays. 

Point of Purchase Counter Displays 

Strategically placed in proximity to a payment site, this type of counter display functions to draw in potential impulse buyers. This strategy can be especially effective as customers have already decided to buy something, and will be more likely to add on an additional purchase as they wait to pay. Stores such as Sephora, Winners, and Marshalls, have effectively capitalized on this tactic by additionally placing rows of shelves intended on guiding a payment line, stocked with smaller, relevant, and inexpensive items.  

Exercise creativity when using POP displays; they do not have to be limited strictly to the counter, as additionally, they can draw in impulse purchases from lineups, and at the end of aisles. Along with location, a counter display does not have to be limited in size or shape. These counter displays can be layered, or “laddered”, providing additional room to promote a marketing message, increase brand visibility, and stock more product. Most point of purchase displays are made using corrugated cardboard which can hold more or heavier product, and provide for more design flexibility.

In-Store Shelf Displays

Shelf displays are (you guessed it) located on product shelves and work to separate your product from its competitors. While often not as large as its point of purchase counterpart, shelf displays still work to separate products on the shelves, promote a marketing message and increase brand visibility. Think about strategically placing your hashtag, website, or social media handle on the front of the display to draw consumer interest in your brand and other potential products not housed on the shelves. 

A specific type of retail-friendly shelf display is what is known as a shipper display. A shipper display can be delivered to a retailer already containing a product. It is known for its ease of use, as a retailer can take it directly out of the box, pop it open along a perforated line, and place it on a shelf ready to use. Shipper displays are attractive to retailers for this very reason. 

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