Vitality Vitamins and Supplements – Floor Displays

Vitality Vitamins and Supplements – Floor Displays


A couple days ago we shared a post on our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn profiles about our client, Vitality Vitamins and Supplements, being featured in a story in the Vancouver Sun. We are very happy to see success hitting our clients so we thought we would elaborate on the post.

Vitality, founded in 1946, is a company that since its beginnings has been focused on manufacturing natural health and premium quality supplements. This past week, on January 19th, the company got featured in the Vancouver Sun. The article touches on how Doug and Cheryl Grant, who run the company, managed to “revitalize” the brand through great business practices. For more on how Vitality strategized the ‘comeback’ click on the link below to get the full story on the business section of the Vancouver sun:

Vancouver siblings restore dad’s dream with Vitality ‘comeback’
Vitality floor display - Vancouver Sun Image

We worked with Doug and Cheryl by helping them with the manufacturing of their floor displays, which you can see in the image above. As we mentioned in earlier posts, floor displays are great tools to communicate your brand identity while showcasing your product. It helps get your product off the shelf and right in front of the consumer.

For more information on floor displays, or on how to get a quote please contact us here!

We would like to congratulate Vitality and wish them great success in the years to come!


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